Healthcare × Risk Measurement Technologies

Motivel can monitor motivation with only voice and within 5 seconds.

We will realize forward-looking risk management based on high-frequency data for operational risk and human resource risk, for which it was difficult to quantify risk factors.

Risk Management

Credit Risk

We appropriately control credit risk events, taking into account the balance between risks and returns. For example, review of credit criteria and receivables management method, improvement of rating system, model development / improvement, etc.

Market Risk

We appropriately control market risk due to assets’ price volatility, taking into account the balance between risks and returns. For example, return analysis of portfolios, model development / improvement, review of investment guidelines, etc.

Operational Risk

We appropriate control indirect or direct losses resulting from business incidents, mistakes, frauds and inadequate regulatory compliance. For example, review of business management systems and IT software, quantitative visualization of workplace environment and workers’ mind health, making risk culture, review of documentations, etc.

HR Risk

We appropriately control losses and costs related to HR management and support to improve employee satisfaction. For example, mind health management, workplace improvement, etc.

Stress Testing

We comprehensively assume various risks and evaluate the adequacy of business plans in terms of risks and returns. We also identify weak points in the business portfolio based on current and medium- to long-term risk events. For example, considering stress events, making stress scenarios and models, measuring losses, etc.

Conduct Risk (Compliance Risk)

We develop internal control systems so that companies can comply with social norms, business and market practices and regulations, etc. For example, risk and compliance training, mind health management, etc.


Risk Appetite Framework

We evaluate a level of risks that companies can or want to take business risks based on companies’ culture, stakeholders’ demands and a financial condition, etc. We support to make documentations related to risk management, policy and risk culture, etc.

Risk Management System

We support to develop reporting lines, risk committees, documentations and provide trainings for risk management staffs, etc.

Internal Audit System

We develop an internal audit system in order to implement PDCA cycle. For example, establishing internal audit section, making reporting lines and providing trainings for internal audit staffs, etc.


Business Management Indicators

We prepare or develop database for calculating business management indicators.

Data Analysis (AI/Machine Learning)

We support to develop risk management models, marketing models and databases for models. We use various statistical software.