1. Basic policy

Risk Measurement Technologies Co., Ltd (“the Company”) considers that it is a social responsibility to properly manage the personal information collected through business and comply with laws regarding personal information and related laws and regulations.

2. Acquisition of personal information and purpose of use

The Company specifies the purpose of use and obtains the consent of the relevant individual before the Company acquires the personal information.

3. Management of the personal information

The Company ensures the accuracy of the personal information and manage it in safe and appropriate manner. The Company takes necessary and appropriate safety measures such as information security to prevent loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of the personal information.

4. Provision of the personal information to third parties

The Company does not provide the personal information without the consent of relevant individual. However, the Company may provide it if there is a legitimate reason based on a request from laws and regulations.

5. Organization

The Company appoints a personal information protection manager and manage the personal information appropriately.