“Mind Health Measurement System (MiHMS)” is a web application that can measure the state of mind health using only the voice and show it numerically. We use “Mind health” in the sense of mental health, but it includes a wide range of things such as motivation.


Easy, simple and timely

All it takes is a voice. You don’t need to learn how to operate and are free from fighting many questions in the questionnaire. All utterances are available, and it is possible to measure mind health without relying on verbal communication. You can check the result immediately.

Anytime, anywhere

You can use measure your own mind health your favorite time and place with internet. MiHMS can also be used for health management tool during telework.

Multi devices available and no installation required

MiHMS runs on multi devices with a web browser. You don’t need to install any software into your devices, so you can get started quickly.

Expert verification

The voice analysis engine “MIMOSYS” analyzes the voice and quantifies the mind health. The analysis engine has medically validated by Dr. Shinichi Tokuno, Graduate School of Medicine of the University of Tokyo.

For Personal user

Example: application screens for personal user



④Results & Alert
⑤Results (Time-series)
⑥Indicator selection

How to use

1. Sing-up
Major credit cards are accepted. The URL differs between standard and advanced. Monthly subscription, and it is free for the first 3 weeks.

2. Login
The login URL is the same for both standard and advanced.

How to use
3. CSV download
With advanced version, you can download entire results as a csv file.

4. Password reset
You can reset your password by using your ID (e-mail).

5. Cancel (Unsubscribe)
The cancellation URL is the same for both standard and advanced.

For Group user

The “group user version” is useful if you are planning to use it for multiple users in a company or organization. If you have a plan to use or try MiHMS, please feel free to contact us.

  • Multiple people can use one terminal (tablet etc.).
  • Privacy and security are ensured.
  • Available from a personal smartphone or PC
  • Administrator functions and tools
  • Please feel free to contact us.
③Condition list
* This is only for administrators.
②User selection
* This is only for administrators.

How to measure

  • You can speak freely. For example, “Good morning”, “I’m fine.”, etc.
  • Only two utterances are sufficient. The more utterances, the more analysis accuracy can be expected.
  • The results for the past 14 days are also taken into the latest result. By continuing, you will understand your own status.

How to read the results

The indicator that the condition of mind health is called “Mind Activity”. The range of “Mind Activity” is from 1 to 100 points. The average of “Mind Activity” varies from person to person, but around 50 points is average value generally.

First, to measure for about a week and get your average. The timing of measurement is free, but for example, when getting up, going to work, returning home, going to bed, etc.

Conversely, if the numbers are on a downward trend, the condition of mind health is slightly deteriorating. If one of the following three trends are observed, it is considered that the condition of mind health is deteriorating. An alert will be issued if any one of the three trends applies.

  • “Mind Activity” has decreased for 5 days in a row.
  • “Mind Activity” has dropped by more than 20 points in 7 days.
  • “Mind Activity” has been observed below 20 points for 3 days in a row.


FeatureStandard (personal user)Advanced (personal user)For group users
Charts60 days60 days60 days
Multiple users
Condition list
Price (*1)JPY 330JPY 550ASK

*1 Including consumption tax (JPY, Japan), monthly


Please see the following contents.

[1] Overview of Mind Health Measurement System (Q&A)

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