Motivel: Visualizing motivation with only voice and 5 seconds


Do you want to visualize your motivation in just 5 seconds with your VOICE?

Calculating motivation, concentration & attention and minor incident as a predictive index.
Also, calculating vitality, relaxation and pleasure as an indicator of your current condition.

Visualizing motivation is not easy


Response bias

Burden of answer time


Can’t do it often


Action log

Learning cost

Limited users


Motivel can visualize motivation in just 5 seconds with your voice

Easy and Simple

Just 5 seconds, only your voice
fantastic user interface

Anytime, Anywhere and Everyone

Language free and Age free

Self care

Cognitive behavioral therapy
(Supervised by Mental Support Research Institute Co., Ltd.)

Visualization is completed in 2 steps

Press the measurement button

move to the measurement screen

  • Latest Condition: You can check the condition based on the latest results.
  • Data: Time-series data is displayed in the graph.
  • Refresh: Video of Cognitive behavioral therapy and Mindfulness

* Supervised by Mental Support Research Institute Co., Ltd.




Press the start button

  • Please allow the use of the microphone.
  • The maximum is 10 seconds. If you want to stop early, please press the stop button.


  • iOS 14.1 or later, Safari
  • Android 9 or later, Chrome
  • Windows, Mac OS, Latest Browser (Chrome, Safari)

Motivation, Concentration and Minor incidents

Based on our proprietary algorithm, we predict the possibility of activity motivation, loss of concentration / attention, and the possibility of hearing hats. It is useful for grasping the state when you want to raise your feelings and concentrate.

Activity Motivation

Shows the degree of motivation. Green is in a solid state and is more likely to decline in the future in the order of yellow and red.

Concentration / Attention

Indicates the degree of concentration and attention. Green is in a solid state and is more likely to decline in the future in the order of yellow and red.

Minor Incidents

Indicates the possibility of a near hat. Green is the least likely, followed by yellow and red.

Emotion Indicators

You can numerically evaluate programs such as activities and recreations to effectively find the one that suits you. Want to find your own favorite?


The higher the relaxation and pleasure numbers, the higher the vitality number and the more comfortable you are. The more mentally energetic (highly motivated) the person is, the more the measured value tends to fluctuate up and down.


A tug of war of calm and excitement, the more calm you are, the higher the number. People who are mentally energetic (highly motivated to work) tend to fluctuate their measured values up and down each time.


A tug of war of feelings of joy and sadness, the more happy you are, the higher the number. People who are mentally energetic (highly motivated to work) tend to fluctuate their measured values up and down each time.

Predict risk events and help improve productivity




Cost Reduction

Risk mitigation

HR cost reduction

Customer satisfaction

Visualizing service quality

Checking outcome


Customer’s Voice


Every day, we are increasing smiles by visualizing the thoughts of users and improving nursing care services. In addition, seeing the situation of such users is motivating the staff. For staff, Motivel is used for attendance and attendance management to catch unconscious changes of state at an early stage, and to avoid performance degradation and accidents, it is possible to realize appropriate business adjustments at an early stage. By visualizing motivation, I feel that the way of workplace communication has changed significantly.


How does Motivel visualize motivation from voice?

Have you ever been nervous and couldn’t make a voice? When you are nervous, your vocal cords become stiff. Motivel uses these natural reactions of the body to measure.

How do we see understand motivel index?

The Motivel index predicts the likelihood of future state changes and events. Therefore, even if it is yellow or red, it does not mean that something is actually happening.

How to use Motivel index?

You can take measures to avoid the decline before the motivation for activity, concentration, and attention actually decline. In addition, you can take measures to prevent hiyari hats.

What are the characteristics of emotional indicators?

Vitality is a comfortable state, relaxation is a calm state, and pleasure is a happy state. It shows the state at the time of measurement, and the higher the value, the better. The better the Motivel index, the more it fluctuates up and down with each measurement.

How to use emotional indicators?

Shows the state at the time of measurement. By measuring before and after activities and mindfulness etc., you can check the change in the state.

Are there any restrictions on trying Morivel for free?

We will consult with you according to the usage period and the number of accounts. First of all, please contact us from the inquiry form. Our staff will contact you.

Is there an administrator function for corporate customers?

There is an attendance management function that can be used to stamp measurements, and a view function that displays a list of group members. You can also use the group measurement screen, which allows multiple people to use one device.

What is the flow up to the introduction for corporations?

Please let us know the number of people and the scheduled time of use from the inquiry form. Our staff will contact you.

How to cancel Motivel?

Click here for the cancellation form for individual customers. For corporate customers, please contact us.

How about terms of use?

Click here for terms of use.


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