Start of data analysis for visualization of nursing care services with voice

Visualize the feelings of users for nursing care services.

Motivel provided by Risk Measurement Technologies Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, CEO: Kanji Okazaki) has been working since October 2020 to visualize nursing care services. It has been introduced in nursing care facilities operated by PRESENCE Co., Ltd (Headquarters: Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama, CEO, Sannohe / hereinafter referred to as PRESENCE). Since a certain amount of data has been accumulated, PRESENCE and our company have started an analysis the impact of nursing care services on users to further improve the quality of nursing care services based on data.

Note: Announcement of the industry’s first measurement of the effects of nursing-care services using voice (


PRESENCE is working to realize long-term care services tailored to each individual in order to support the healthy lives of the elderly. Under these circumstances, Motivel is used for measurement to objectively and quantitatively evaluate the satisfaction level of nursing care services without relying on verbal communication.

Findings obtained by quick analysis

For example, the impact of nursing care services on the elderly has been found to be reflected in the data through morning and evening measurements. Through these results, it is possible to quantitatively evaluate nursing care services, and effective and prompt PDCA that leads to improvement in service quality can be expected.

User’s voice (by PRESENCE)

Motivel helps to visualize the customer’s true intentions for nursing care services without relying on verbal communication. We expect to improve customer satisfaction and reliability of our facilities by improving the level of service improvement according to individual users. In addition, we feel that it is useful to visualize the awareness of veteran nursing care staff and on-site know-how, which also contributes positively to the recruitment of staff.

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