Mind Health Measurement System was featured in the article of “Using AI in the field of day care” in Kanagawa Keizai Shimbun (Newspaper, October 2020)

(Mind Health Measurement System has been renamed to Motivel. Last updated: 2020-01-08)

In October 2020, Mind Health Measurement System that was provided by Risk Measurement Technologies Co., Ltd. (RimTech) was featured in the article of “Using AI in the field of day care” in Kanagawa Keizai Shimbun (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Sagamihara City, CEO: Ryuta Chiba) as the use case of PRESENCE Co., Ltd (Headquarters: Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama, CEO: Sannohe).

Using AI in the field of day care(summary)

Visualizing mental condition with only voice.

PRESENCE is going to visualization of nursing care service by monitoring mental condition at the start and end of day care and showing the results to users and their families. Also, this initiative is going to be applied to staff and lead to motivation care for them.

PRESENCE measures day care users before each use and when they return home in the evening. For example, if there is a large change in the numerical value in one day, the cause can be investigated to improve the service quality. Sadamitsu Sannohe (CEO) said, “The service is invisible, so we want to show the change of numerical values as condition to users’ family, which gives them a sense of safety.”

The staff working in the day care facilities are also measured daily. Managers can understand the mental health condition of employees and take care of them at an early stage, which helps to improve employee satisfaction and retention rate. Sadamitsu Sannohe (CEO) said, “The way of communication (by looking at the numbers) is changing,” and he plans to start full-scale implementation of this system from next year.

Source: Kanagawa Keizai Shimbun October 2020 issue Vol.082 / (c) kanakei.LLC All Rights Reserved.

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