”To visualize mental health with only voice” Recruiting participants for proof of concept

(Mind Health Measurement System has been renamed to Motivel. Last updated: 2020-01-08)

Notification: Participation in this POC is limited to companies that have offices in Japan. Also, this limitation is subject to change without notice.

LIP. Yokohama (*1) will conduct a proof of concept using the "Mind Health Measurement System (*2)" that can visualize mental health with only voice from August 2020.

In the post-corona era, about 6 companies (60 people in total) that aim to improve productivity by considering employee health with non-face-to-face contactless technology will be recruited for the POC. For example, we are recruiting the following companies.

  • To meet the high security and safety needs of society through employee health (workplace health).
  • To aim to establish a work style (telework, etc.) suitable for a new lifestyle.
  • To aim to improve the mental health of employees.

If any of the above apply, please consider participating.

Note 1: “LIP. Yokohama” is a platform for industry-academia-government collaboration in order to create sustainable innovations in the health and medical fields from Yokohama. Please see the following URL for details.

Note 2: Mind Health Measurement System has been released on March by Risk Measurement Technologies Co., Ltd.

Details and Application (external website)

For details and application, please see here (external website). In addition, please see here (move to Yokohama City website) for related press release materials.

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