Release of “Advanced version” for personal user – MiHMS

On May 25th, Risk Measurement Technologies Co., Ltd. has released an advanced version of MiHMS (*1) (for personal user) that allows users to download all results as a CSV file. In addition, with the release of this, data period of charts has been extended from 30 days to 60 days.


for personal usersfor personal usersfor personal usersfor group users
(3 0days)

(60 days)

(60 days)

(60 days)
CSV downloadn/an/a
(entire period)

(entire period)
Dashboard for adminn/an/an/a
(60 days)
Price (*2)JPY 330JPY 330JPY 550ASK

CSV file

Users can download the following data in a CSV file.

How to use the advanced version

You can use the advanced version by registering here. If you are using Mind Health Measurement System for the first time regardless of version, a free period of 3 weeks will be applied.

If you are currently using the standard version, please cancel the standard version and then register the advanced version again. All data is carried over from the standard version to the advanced version. Please note that if you migrate from the standard version, there is no 3-week free period, and you will be billed immediately (* 3).


The CSV file can be downloaded from here.

CSV download Login

*1 Mind Health Measurement System that can visualize mental health with only voice.
*2 consumption tax included (JPY, in Japan)
*3 Even if the standard version has a remaining usage period (for example, 10 days until the next billing date), billing will start from the advanced version registration date.

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