[11] Motivation and internal control – Broken Window Theory

As we mentioned in the 2nd “Relationship between motivation and risk management” of the series, low motivation leads to internal control issues.

Individual sickness leads to organizational sickness

Decreased motivation leads to decreased concentration and attention. Initially, a decrease in an individual’s motivation is limited to the individual’s problem, but if such a situation persists, the problem will spread to colleagues around him, leading to a decrease in the motivation of the entire organization.

As a mechanism for propagating the decline in motivation, it is possible to point out an increase in the workload of the colleague by having surrounding colleagues follow the staff with reduced motivation. Even if short-term follow-up is possible, it must be said that it is difficult in the medium to long term.

Overlooking minor incidents

As people with low motivation increase, some mistakes and accidents will not become issues due to busy schedule. Many employees do not have enough time to pay attention to the workplace and consider near misses deeply.

Stealth moral fall

If no one cares about a minor incident, no one will take a little big accident or mistake seriously. This low interest in the surroundings can lead to small frauds at first, which can eventually lead to larger frauds.

The triggering of such incidents is widely known as a theory of criminology that “if a broken window is left, other windows will be broken.”. This can be similarly considered in internal control.

Broken window theory

No one run a full marathon like 100m sprint

As people with mental illness increase, works will be concentrated on healthy people. At first, there is no problem, but eventually healthy people will reach their limits. If that happens, they are given into temptation such as “A little cheat is no problem.” and in most cases, it leads to a serious incident.

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