[10] Group user version is convenient for companies and organizations (2/2)

The group user version of Motivel has a dashboard function for administrators.


The group administrator (“admin”) can view results of all group members in the dashboard on a web browser. The data that can be showed on the dashboard are always the latest data, allowing the administrator to check conditions of group members timely.

On the dashboard, admins can check “Mind Activity”, “Feeling (current condition)”, “Relaxation”, and “Vivacity” by group member in charts (past 60 days). If admins need results for all periods, admins can use the CSV download function.

Group members can be selected from the drop-down list. Admins can easily monitor group members without complicated calculation.

The dashboard is protected so that only admins can access it. (*)

* Please keep the password securely.

CSV download

Admins can download results of all group members for the entire period as a CSV file.

CSV download

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