[9] Group user version is convenient for companies and organizations (1/2)

There are two types of mind health measurement system (MiHMS): for group users and for personal user. Here, we explain a type of group users.

Two applications

There are two applications for group users.

For shared devices

This application is used when multiple users use shared devices. For example, employees use MiHMS on a shared tablet at the office. This application has simple operation and short measurement time (a few seconds), so that you can measure smoothly when at busy time. Of course, privacy is protected.

②User selection

For personal devices, etc.

This application is used when using it on a personal smartphone, etc. You can measure with simple UI and use charts to view your own results without delay.


Note: Above the screen images for personal devices is Web browser screen of a PC. If you use MiHMS on smartphones, tablets, etc., a screen size will be adjusted automatically.

Data linkage

The results are shared between two applications in real time. Therefore, you can choose it according to business style or lifestyle.

Max number of group members

Up to 40 users (*). It is also possible to increase the number of people according to the consultation.

* As of May 2020

How to use

MiHMS has a simple UI. Anyone can use it intuitively.

For shared devices

  1. Login (You do not need to log in every time.)
  2. To select username (your name or ID)
  3. Do measurement

If your measurement is completed, the screen automatically moves to the user selection screen.

For personal devices, etc.

  1. Login
  2. Do measurement or view results (with charts)

If your measurement is completed, gauge charts with latest result will be displayed, and the screen automatically moves to the user selection screen.


When you use MiHMS on shared devices, the latest result is displayed only in a small dialog box every measurement. This dialog box cannot be opened again once it is closed. Off course, you cannot see results of other users on the shared devices.

Dialog box

The group user version has a dashboard function convenient for monitoring for group administrators. The dashboard function will be explained in the next “10th Group User Edition (2/2)”.

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