[8] Let’s find your best relaxation time.

Motivel can easily visualize a mind health with only voice, so you can measure effects of refresh events such as exercise, music, reading books, café, etc.

Evaluation of refresh events

For example, you can evaluate the effects of exercise, counseling, etc. by comparing with measurement results of these events before and after. Mind activity indicates a medium- to long-term condition, so you can see changes in a trend of mind due to event effects. In addition, feeling, which is a short-term indicator, allows you to confirm changes in a mind at the spot.


Telework (includes WFH) is rapidly spreading due to COVID-19. If you work from home, you may be feeling tired before you know it because of a slight disruption in your life rhythm. MiHMS can easily measure every day, so you can expect early detection of physical and mental fatigue that you do not notice.

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