[7] For public facilities, transportation (for drivers), construction sites

Motivation is the basis of security and safety

There are many cases where one’s motivation, such as key workers, is related not only to service quality but also to one’s own safety. Moderate stress improves concentration, attention, and motivation of employees, but excessive stress reduces them and leads to increase operational risk (*1) and HR risk (*2) in workplace. Also, employee health management is one of important management issues in terms of risk management and SDGs.

Health management for risk mitigation

Stress management enhances concentration, attention, and motivation of employees in business. By doing this, operational risk and HR risk can be mitigated.

Yerkees Dotson’s law

Moderate tension (stress) improves performance, but excessive tension (stress) lowers performance by deteriorating mind health.

The stress response curve

Note: We create this chart based on Guidelines for Stress Management (https://juniperpublishers.com/pbsij/)

Heinrich law

There are 29 minor incidents behind one serious accident, and there are an additional 300 near-misses behind it.

Heinrich accident pyramid

*1 Includes mistakes, accidents, compliance violations, fraud, and all other events that cause reputational damage.
*2 Includes leaving from work (absenteeism), low performance (presenteeism), and increasing in personnel-related costs, etc.

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