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MiHMS can be used for health management and attendance management of employees during WFH. Mind health care in the early stage reduces human resource risks (leaving a job and low performance).

We do not talk about methods that solve the issues of WFH (includes “all remote works”) on this page. Rather, we explain the possibility of utilizing Motivel in such methods.

Employee health and motivation

“There is no problem with the output of the team members,” “It seems everyone are fine during interview on Zoom,” “But everyone works too hard?” In WFH, it is difficult for managers to monitor a condition of team members from casual conversations.

In such a case, if everyone measures daily condition with MiHMS, managers can have an objective conversation such as “Are indicators falling recently?”. Moreover, “Mind Activity”, which indicates a medium- to long-term condition, so managers can address mental health issues in a timely manner. By proactively caring from the stage where everyone is well enough, a highly sustainable team is expected.

Timestamp becomes health management

Motivel automatically records the measurement time. The measurement time is only a few seconds. There is a way to use daily time stamps to help employees manage their health.

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