[5] Features of Motivel

Motivel can visualize a mental health with only voice. It is language-free and age-free, and can be used by anyone from children to adults.

Easy and Simple

All you need is a voice

Learning costs are very low. No advance preparation is required. As soon as you think of it, you can use it now.

Easy operation

All you have to do is press the button twice. You don’t be bored as questionnaires with many questions.

No response biases

There is no problem of overestimation (underestimation) due to the consciousness or unconsciousness of the respondents as self-administered questionnaire.

Anytime, Anywhere


You can check results quickly. Measurement duration is a few seconds.

Multi Devices

Since it is a web application, it does not need to be installed and can be used from various devices equipped with a browser.

Charts & Dashboard

Administrators of group users can use dashboard which has charts to check results of group users. In addition, a function of CSV download is prepared (*).

* Currently, CSV can be used in group user version. For personal user, CSV will be able to be used in an advanced version which will be released in the future.


Language free

You don’t need meaningful words to measure. Anyway, all you need is your voice.

Age free

Since it can be measured with just a voice, it can be used by children and adults alike. In other words, it’s age-free.

Save money


There is no waste because usage fees are charged according to the number of accounts. There is also no minimum usage period.

Quick start

If you have a device with internet and web browser, you can start to use it immediately. It takes at least one day from application to the start of use.

No additional system development

Since it is a Web application, there is no need to modify the existing system. There is no need to purchase new special equipment.

For experts

MiHMS can collect data about mind health high frequently. This data would be useful for experts such as human resources, organization and employee supports.

Corporate profile

Risk Measurement Technologies Co., Ltd.
Corporate sites: https://rimtech.co.jp/index.php/about-us/

Contact us

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URL: https://rimtech.co.jp/index.php/inquires/

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