[3] Mechanism for measuring mind health with voice

Intuitive awareness

Have you ever experienced that you could not speak well when you were in a state of tension? This is due to the reaction of the vocal cords, but “Mind Health Measurement System (MiHMS)” uses the reaction of these vocal cords to measure a condition of mind health.

Note: Mind health includes Mind Activity (mental health), Feeling (current condition), Relaxation and Vivacity.

Let’s speak

MiHMS can measure a condition of mind health with two or more utterances. The utterance can be anything and does not have to be a meaningful word. All languages are available.

Calculation of Mind Activity

A condition of mental health is shown as Mind Activity. First, the emotional parameters are extracted from voice to calculate “Relaxation” and “Vivacity”. Next, “Feeling (current condition)” is calculated from these two parameters. Finally, “Mind Activity” is calculated from “Feeling”.

“Mind Activity” is calculated using the feeling (current condition) results for up to the past 14 days, so you can get more realistic results by measuring every day.

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