[1] Overview of Mind Health Measurement System (Q&A)

What is “Mind Health Measurement System (MiHMS)”?

MiHMS is a web application that can measure the state of mind health using only the voice and show it numerically. We use “Mind health” in the sense of mental health, but it includes a wide range of things such as motivation.

How do we recognize mind health disorder?

Mind health status is indicated by an indicator called “Mind Activity”. If the value of “Mind Activity” decreases, it indicates that mind health is disorder.

Note 1: Disorder of mind health means a condition that can be intensely stressed and affect the quality of everyday life and work. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “Guidelines for maintaining and promoting mental health of workers” is used as reference.

What kind of problems can a mind health disorder cause?

Disorder of mind health can lead to reduce concentration, attention, judgment and motivation of workers. In this case, human resources risks (leave a job, absences of work and decrease in work efficiency) and operational risks (incidents, mistakes, unintended fraud, etc.).

Note 2: Yerkees Dotson’s law: Moderate tension (stress) improves efficiency, but excessive tension (stress) lowers efficiency by deteriorating mind health.

What causes mind health to deteriorate?

Stress (including anxiety, worries, etc.) can be a factor in mind health disorder. Cause of stress include quality and quantity of work, failure of work and occurrence of responsibility.

Note 3: The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “Guidelines for maintaining and promoting mental health of workers” is used as reference.

How does MiHMS measure mind health using voice?

Have you ever experienced a voice that didn’t work out when you were nervous? MiHMS capture the response of vocal cords and measure mind health.

How often does user do it?

We recommend daily measurements. For example, there is a method to carry out the work at the same time as the start and end of work. Of course, you can also use it to measure before and after some event to evaluate the effect of the event.

How long does it take per measurement?

About 5 seconds. Keep in mind that the time required depends on the internet communication speed.

What is the minimum number of utterances?

The minimum number of utterances is two. The higher the number of utterances, the higher the measurement accuracy, but after 10 seconds, the recording automatically ends, and the voice analysis is performed.

How do we check the result?

You can check the results on smartphone or PC web browser. Group administrators of companies and organizations that use the group user version can view the results of group members on the dashboard on a web browser.

How is accuracy?

The discrimination ability 100% sensitivity and 61% specificity. In addition, result shows the same tendency as the questionnaire (GHQ30) and blood index for the state of mind health.

Note 5:MiHMS can be executed with two or more utterances in consideration of daily convenience. Since this setting is different from the condition of the paper (note 4), it may differ from the above accuracy, but the same condition can be achieved by increasing the number of utterances.

What indicators are shown in the measurements?

“Mind Activity”, “Feeling (current condition)”, “Relaxation” and “Vivacity” are shown.

How do we read the indicators?

The higher the value, the better condition.

What is the relationship between the indicators?

“Feeling (current condition)” is calculated as a composite index of “Relax” and “Vivacity”.  “Mind Activity” is calculated based on the results of “Feeling (current condition)” for up to 14 days in the past.

How do we read “Mind Activity”? (1/2)

First, read your average value from the chart based on the measurement results for several days (example: roughly 50 points). If the value of results falls below the average, please recognize that the condition is slightly disorder.

How do we read “Mind Activity”? (2/2)

If the following trends are observed, it is quite disorder. Take a break.

  • The value has decreased for the 5th day straight.
  • The value has dropped by more than 20 points in 7 days.
  • The value has been observed below 20 points for the 3rd day straight.

How do we read other indicators?

“Feeling (current condition)” tends to fluctuate every time when the mind health is good. The higher the value, the better the “relax” and “vivacity” are condition.

What are the features of MiHMS?

Easy, simple, fast, anytime, anywhere, no installation required. The learning cost is low, and the running cost is also low. Everyone can easily use it daily, so the state of mind health can be monitored in a timely manner. Also, there is no response bias in the written questionnaire.

Note 6: response bias is that the response is distorted by overestimation (underestimation) due to the consciousness or unconsciousness of the person being tested.

What are the benefits of using MiHMS?

Since it can be measured daily, it is possible to detect any problems with mind health at an early stage. Therefore, employee care can be implemented early. By maintaining good mind health, reducing human resource risk and operational risk are expected.

What kind of version can we use?

If you use MiHMS in companies or organizations, you can choose a group user version. For private use, you can choose a personal user version.

What are the features of the group user version?

This version can be used by multiple people on a device (tablet, etc.) while ensuring privacy. In addition, with a personal smartphone or PC, user can not only measure mind health but also check the result of it.

Can group administrators use a group manager tools?

Yes, they can check the results of the group members on the dashboard based on Web browser.

Can we download a CSV file?

Yes. You can download a CSV file easily and use simple data aggregation tool (Excel).

What kind of situation do we use MiHMS?

MiHMS can be used for employee health management during work from home and time attendance management (time stamped at each measurement). In addition, this can be in public facilities, drivers, construction sites, etc. where security and safety are strongly required.

Can we use MiHMS as time attendance management?

Yes. The time is recorded at each measurement and stored on the database server along with the results. You can manage your working hours with this time stamp easily.

How is privacy ensured?

In the group user version, you cannot see the results of other users.

Note 7: In the group user version, the result is displayed in a dialog box after measurement. However, this display cannot be redisplayed once the dialog box is closed.

How is security ensured?

Encrypted communication (SSL) and WAF (Web Application Firewall) are applied.

How is personal information ensured?

Please read the privacy policy and terms of service. WAV file that is created at each measurement is deleted immediately and completely after each analysis.

How much Internet communication speed is needed?

Higher speed is good. However, we have confirmed that MiHMS can be used even at speed of 300 kbps or less (as of April 2020).

What is the recommended environment for the device?

If you use Windows or Android, Google Chrome is recommended. If you use Mac OS or iOS, Safari is recommended.

Note 8: Please use the latest version of OS and browser.

How much is the price?

Please contact us for the price of the group user version (for companies and organizations). The personal user version is offered at 330 yen (tax included) per month.

Can we use trial version?

Yes, you can use the trial version for free. The personal user version has a three-week free period. The trial of the group user version (for companies and organizations) is provided with the same performance as the product version. Please contact us for details.

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