【Guide】Mind Health Measurement System

Description of Mind Health Measurement System (PDF)

[1] Overview of Mind Health Measurement System (Q&A)

We explain an overview of MiHMS in Q&A. If you don’t have enough time, please read here only first. [for the full text]

[2] Relationship between mind health and risk management

Disorder of mind health raises human resources risks and operational risks. Appropriate mind health management is the key factor to achieving sustainable development of companies and organizations. [for the full text]

[3] Mechanism for measuring mind health with voice

Have you ever experienced that you couldn’t speak well when you were in a state of tension? This is due to the response of the vocal cords, and the Mind Health Measurement System uses this response to measure. [for the full text]

[4] Accuracy

In terms of the state of mind health, MiHMS shows the same tendency as the descriptive formula (GHQ30) and blood index. In addition, the discrimination power regarding the state of mind health shows a high value. [for the full text]

[5] Features

Easy, simple, fast, anytime, anywhere, no installation required. The learning cost is low, and the running cost is also low. [for the full text]

[6] For work from home

MiHMS can be used for health management and attendance management of employees during WFH. Mind health care in the early stage reduces human resource risks (leaving a job and low performance). [for the full text]

Note 1: The time is recorded at each measurement.

[7] For public facilities, transportation (for drivers), construction sites

MiHMS can be used to manage the health of employees engaged in tasks that require high safety and security. Mind health care in the early stage reduces operational risks (accidents, mistakes, etc.). [for the full text]

[8] Let’s find your best relaxation time

By quantifying the effects of exercise, recreation and counseling on improving mind health, you can find services that suit you. [for the full text]

[9] Group user version is convenient for companies and organizations (1/2)

A single terminal device (such as a tablet) can be used by multiple users while ensuring privacy. In addition, by personal smartphone or PC, users can measure mind health and check the result. [for the full text]

[10] Group user version is convenient for companies and organizations (2/2)

When the group administrator checks the results, data aggregation work is not required. The group administrators can check it at any time through the dashboard on web browser. All data can also be downloaded as a CSV file. [for the full text]

[11] Mind health and internal control – Broken Window Theory

There is a criminological theory that “if a broken window is left, other windows will be broken”. If no one cares about a minor incident, workplace morals may be degraded, which may lead to a serious incident over time. [for the full text]

[12] Mind health and internal control – Heinrich’s law

According to Heinrich’s law, behind one major accident there are 29 minor incidents, behind which there are another 300 near misses. Improving mind health reduces near misses and avoids serious accidents. [for the full text]

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