Announcement of “Mind Health Measurement System” update on Dashboard (Version 2.5)

Risk Measurement Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereafter, “our company”) has updated “Mind Health Measurement System (hereafter, “MiHMS (*1) ) on Dashboard and launched it from March 31. The group administrator uses the dashboard to check the results (“Mind Activity”, “Feeling (current condition)”, “Relaxation”, and “Vivacity”) of each member belong to the group in charts.

*1:MiHMS: Mind Health Measurement System

Product: Mind Health Measurement System

Update (Version 2.5)


We have added the function of dashboard to MiHMS for group version (mainly for companies and organizations). The group administrators can easily and quickly check the results of members on a Web browser.

(note: Sample data)

Data periods

The group administrators can check the results (“Mind Activity”, “Feeling (current condition)”, “Relaxation”, and “Vivacity”) of each member belonging to the group over the past 60 days.

Security and privacy

The dashboard is only available to group administrators. If you are a group administrator, please keep the password secure.

CSV download

The group administrator can download the results (all periods) of all members belonging to the group as a CSV file. In addition, we provide a simple tool (Excel) that supports data visualization and support data compilation related to visualization and modeling, and support to create materials (extra charge).

Note: Excel is registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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