Announcement of “Mind Health Measurement System” upgrade

(Mind Health Measurement System has been renamed to Motivel. Last updated January 6, 2021)

Risk Measurement Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereafter, “our company”) has updated “Mind Health Measurement System (hereafter, “MiHMS (*1) ) to enhance its functions and launched it from March 25.

*1:MiHMS: Mind Health Measurement System

Product: Mind Health Measurement System

Update (Version 2.4)

New indicators

Three indicators have been added to MiHMS.

  • Feeling (current condition)
  • Relaxation
  • Vivacity

All of these indicators, including mind activity, are available immediately at each measurement. In addition, time series data for all indicators for the last 30 days is also available.

Gauge chart
Result at each measurement
Line chart


  • Japanese interface has been added to the group user version.
  • In the “Individual version (for group users)” and “For personal use”, the display of time series data at the time of measurement was deleted.

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