Announcement of “Mind Health Measurement System” for easily understanding mind health with just voice

(Mind Health Measurement System has been renamed to Motivel. Last updated January 6, 2021)

Risk Measurement Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereafter, “our company”) has launched “Mind Health Measurement System (hereafter, “MiHMS (*1) ”)” that allows you to easily understand your mind health by voice only from March 9.

Product: Mind Health Measurement System

Background and objective

As the needs of safety and security in society is increasing, the responsibilities and the pressure (stress) of not only companies and organizations that provide various services but also employees who are working there are increasing.

Moderate stress on employees is considered to improve corporate performance, but excessive stress can lead to poor mind health and reduced concentration, attention and motivation on employees. And this environment raises operational risks (* 2) and human resources risks (* 3). When these risks arise, many events occur. For example, increased risk response cost, loss of opportunities, impaired reputation and reduced CS / ES (* 4). These events have a significant negative impact on corporate management. Conversely, by properly controlling these risks, the corporate performance can be expected to improve significantly. However, it is very important to timely visualize mind health and respond early in order to mitigate such risks. To address these issues, we will release MiHMS, which makes it easy to visualize mind health using only voice. In addition, by integrating risk management and data analytics, we will support the construction of a forward-looking corporate management system.

We also launched “Mind Health Measurement System for personal use” at the same time. Users can easily understand their own state of mind health anytime, anywhere using smartphone. All it takes is a voice. Users easily check how much users can refresh by traveling, art appreciation, listening to music, exercise(jogging, walking, yoga and muscle training, etc.), reading some books and hobbies, etc. MiHMS helps users discover methods, experiences, locations and conditions for the best refreshment and relaxation.

We aim to mitigate various risks in society by energizing all people through MiHMS.


Easy, simple and timely

All it takes is a voice. You don’t need to learn how to operate and are free from fighting many questions in the questionnaire. All utterances are available, and it is possible to measure mind health without relying on verbal communication. You can check the result immediately.

Anytime, anywhere

You can use measure your own mind health your favorite time and place with internet (* 5). MiHMS can also be used for health management tool during telework.

No installation required

MiHMS runs on a web browser only. You don’t need to install any software into your devices, so you can get started quickly. It is easy to comply with your companies’ security policies of devices.

Group interface

We provide an interface suitable for group. This interface ensures the privacy of individual measurement results.

Expert verification

The voice analysis engine “MIMOSYS (* 6)” analyzes the voice and quantifies the mind health. The analysis engine has medically validated by Dr. Shinichi Tokuno, Graduate School of Medicine of the University of Tokyo.


Common to all versions

Devices: All devices that have a web browser.
Operating system: Any operating system with a web browser is available.
Web browser: Chrome is recommended for Windows and Android. Safari is recommended for macOS and iOS.
Internet: Required.

For group (mainly for companies and organizations)

There are two versions for group. You can use both “Multiuser version” and “Individual version”. “Multiuser version” is suitable for members belong to the same group using the same device. If Individual belongs to the same group wants to use MiHMS on a personal device, “Individual version” is suitable for this situation. “Individual version” has a graph that shows historical results for individuals. Measurement results are synchronized in both versions. And managers can use csv file that includes results of the group users.

For personal use

You can use “Personal version” on your favorite device immediately after credit card payment (JPY 330 per month). The trial is available for three weeks and can be canceled for free at any time during the trial period.
Note: Credit card payment is powered by Stripe.


For group: Please contact us.
For personal use: JPY 330 per month (tax included). All major credit cards accepted. Trial period for 3 weeks (cancel free).

Terms of services

Please read and agree the terms of services before using this service. The terms of services are listed on the following sites.

Next step

We will develop methods to mitigate the risks facing society and companies though MiHMS and data analytics. In addition, we will also collaborate with companies and organizations that have solutions for encouraging employee and workplaces to reduce risk factors.

We plan to add three indicators (Relaxation, Vivacity, Feeling) to the results. This update is planned for the end of May 2020. [already completed]

Corporate profile

Risk Measurement Technologies Co., Ltd.

Contact us

Please contact us from the following URL.

*1:MiHMS: Mind Health Measurement System
*2: Includes various mistakes, accidents, non-compliance, fraud and all other events that cause reputational damage.
*3: Includes absences from work, leaving a job, poor performance and increasing all personnel-related costs.
*4: CS means “Customer satisfaction”. ES means “Employee satisfaction”.
*5: You can use MiHMS on the low speed internet. However, please keep in mind that it may take a few seconds and more to receive the results.
*6: It means the Mind Monitoring System developed by PST Inc., a technology company that visualizes the state of the mind and body.

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