[English] Mind Health Measurement System using Voice

(Mind Health Measurement System has been renamed to Motivel. Last updated January 6, 2021)

Risk Measurement Technologies Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) is developing a mind health measurement system using voice. The system will be released soon. The following images and introductory material (PDF) are tentative images.

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User Selection
  • Timey (Easy practice, Early response, No survey bias)
  • Easy and Simple (Only voice, Easy operation, No learning)
  • Save Money (No special hardware, Web application, Subscription)
  • Anytime, Anywhere (Multi devices, Browser and internet, Supporting result analysis)
Expectation effect
  • Mind health (same as vitality) can be visualized as data. Employees and workplaces can be motivated through some programs based on data analysis.
  • Quick respond to operational risks (accidents, clerical errors, fraud, etc.) and human resource risks (leaves, absences, etc.) caused by reduced vitality.
  • Read a sign of potential risks through analysis of the relationship between data and events.
  • Realize the provision of safe and secure services in companies and organizations, leading to the stability of social infrastructure.
Summary JP/EN

We contribute to the sustainable development of society and companies by motivating employees through this system and reducing the risks facing society and companies. For inquiries regarding this system, please contact the “Contact Form (CONTACT US)” on this website or “sales@rimtech.co.jp”.

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